The National Alliance of Blind Students Annual Convention

The 2015 annual convention of the American Council of the Blind will be held in Jacksonville, Florida July 8-15 at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville-Riverfront.
NABS is putting together an exciting program of events for your enjoyment, and we look forward to seeing you in sunny Florida!
The countdown is on, only 177 days, 16 hours, 13 minutes and 33 seconds remaining until convention!

2005 Convention - A Done Deal with a Full House

NABS put on a great 2005 annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The programs included sex education, budgeting, self defense and comedy night just to name a few.

We did have to conduct some business in with all the fun. NABS has new elected officers and board members for 2005-2006. Congratulations to:

President - Rebecca Hodson
First Vice President - Cammie Vloedman
Second Vice President - Ashish Anand
Secretary - David Bahr
Treasurer - John Lipsey
Junior Representative - Caitlin Hernandez
Student Advocate Editors: Katie Frederick & Nickie Colby

Watch the Fall 2005 Student Advocate for more details on all the betting that went down at the 2005 convention.

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